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Natural Zeaxanthin

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    Zeaxanthin is one of  the  most common carotenoid alcohols found in natural.It is a powderful,natural antioxidant,also important in the xanthophyll cycle.Zeaxanthin is found in vegetables such as kale,plus various fruits and corn.Since it can't "made" in the human body and must come from food or dietary supplements.Receiving adequate amounts of zeaxanthin through food can be particularly difficult,as it requires many servings a day of certain fruits and vegetables.Now Marigold flowders are the mainly sources of zeaxanthin in the market. 


    1, Latin Name:  Tagetes erecta L. 

    2, Part used:  Flower 

    3, Active ingredients: Zexanthin (orange powder)

    4, Specification:  Zexanthin Powder 5%-65% (HPLC)

                                   Zexanthin Beadlets 5%,10% (HPLC)

                                   Zexanthin Oil 5%-20% (HPLC)

    (1) Zexanthin and AMD

    AMD is a disease that attacks the macula of the eye, where the sharpest central vision occurs.Clinical studies have shown dietary supplementation of zeaxanthin can help prevent AMD by maintaining pigment levels in the rod and cone photoreceptors and keeping them healthy.Zeaxanthin can also accumulate in the macula to help filter out damaging blue light. 

    (2) Zexanthin and Central Vision

    Your eyes work by allowing light to enter through the pupil and project onto a light-sensitve wall of cells at the back of the eye know as the retina.The retina consists of photoreceptor cells known as rods and cones.The macula is located in the center of the retina and is responsible for discerning color and fine details.This area is predominantly mase up of cones. The cones in the fovea are smaller and more densely packed,and they are not obscured by a layer of nerve cella or blood vessel,This accounts for the sharp vision associated with them.This is where zeaxanthin id deposited by the body in the highest cencertratiobs.Increasing zeaxanthin intake helps maintain visual performance over the long term.

    (3) Zexanthin Reduces Glare

    Another key factor in damaging visibility is glare resulting from bule light.This is due to increasing levels of smog and haze on the environment.The haze and smog from pollen,dust,smoke and other pollutants react with short wave visible light(blue light) and createglare.Zeaxanthin absorbs blue light and can enhance a target from its surroundings by reducing glare.


    Recommend Dosage (FDA research report):

    10mg lutein and 2mg zeaxanthin are recommended for daily health purposes.

    20mg lutein and 4mg zeaxanthin are recommended for disease treatment.

    The best method we recommend is that you obey the guidance of the physician.

    Our Package:

    1. Aluminum foil bag: Little quantity of extraction powder packaged in a plastic bag, and with aluminum foil bag outside.Regular 1kg-10kg per bag.

    2. Cardboard drum: Bulk weight packaged in double plastic bag with a cardboard drum outside. Regular 25kg-28kg per drum.


    Our Service:

    1. About shipping method: DHL / EMS / UPS / FedEx / TNT / Air Cargo. 
    2. About payment method: T/T,Western Union,PayPal,Credit Card and Cash etc. 
    3. About QC: All goods will be inspected before shipment. 
    4. About OEM service: OEM orders are acceptable as your requirement. 

    5. About delivery time: Normally, it will take 3 working days from China to destination country.

     1. New 3000m2 lab equipped with advanced instruments like GC, HPLC, GC/MS and HPLC/MS.

    2. Halal/Kosher/FDA Certifications

    3. Free Third-test Service

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